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In order to learn more about Mother Marie Therese and Communio in Christo, Vatican Radio’s Fr. Paul Samasumo, spoke to Sr. Lidwina, a key member of the order. Please read the article an listen to the interview. <-- click the picture

Circular 2/18

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Main Topic: Building the Kingdom of Peace

Circular 1/18

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Main Topic: The Love that gives us Hope

Circular 2/17

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Main Topic: People close to our hearts

Circular 1/17

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Main Topic: Communitarian nature of Communo in Christo

Circular 2/16

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Main Topic: As a People of god on the march

Circular 1/16

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Main Topic: Merciful like the father

Circular 2/15

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Main Topic: Consecrated life and mystical life

Circular 1/15

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Main Topic: The mission of the service to humanity

Circular 2/14


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Main Topic: To realize the kingdom of god

Circular 1/14


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Main Topic: Joy of the Gospel - The Gospel of joy

Circular 2/13

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Main Topic: God's Love of All

Circular 1/13

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Main Topic: Responding to God by Faith

Circular 2/12

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Main Topic: A Loving Farewell to Father Hermann Walch

Circular 1/12

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Main Topic: What is New in the New Evangelization

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